Advanced Equine Health Care Myofascial Chain Taping

Advanced Equine Health Care Myofascial Chain Taping

Based on the Medical Taping Concept, developed in the seventies in Japan by Dr. Kenzo Kaze and in Korea by Prof. Dr. S. Yoo, and the modern understanding of anatomy by Thomas Myers, Robert Schleib and T.W Findley (among others), a new concept is developed by us, called Advanced Equine Health Care Myofascial Chain Taping.

Based on the myofascial meridians and the tensegrity model by using elastic tape the connective tissue, fascia and muscles are affected.
During the Advanced Equine HealthCare Myofascial Taping Chain class the focus is addressed to supporting and influencing the musculature. Extensive attention is paid to the fascia. In a proper manner you gain knowledge of anatomy, physiology, neurology and biomechanics. The characteristics of these methods are improving the function which maintains the functionality of the tissue.

The greatest effect is achieved when the Advanced Equine Health Care Myofascial Chain Taping is combined with another form of therapy as part of a treatment.

Self-contained it is less effective. This method most often is used as part of Dry Needling, a massage, osteopathy and animal-physiotherapy.

The course fee of includes:
Course, lunch, coffee, tea

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