Equine Health Care Academy 

Equine Health Care offers treatment of your horse, now we have expanded our company with the Equine Health Care Academy.
We like to share our knowledge with the aim better moving and performing horses.  

The Equine Health Care Academy can offer different courses and education:
Equine Health Care Practitioner en Advanced Practitioner
Equine Health Care Advanced Dry Needling
Equine Health Care
Advanced Myofascial Chain Taping

Every course and education starts with the Basic module; anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, pathology and neurology of the horse.  

After passing the exam of the Basic module, you can select for Practitioner en Advanced Practitioner, Advanced Dry Needling, or Advanced Equine Health Care Myofascial Chain Taping. 

If you have the right pre education (training) you can attend the course Master in the Equine Health Care Myofascial Chain Taping or education Equine Health Care Advanced Dry Needling.